A new way to develop the restaurant bussines,

I´m here to help make yours a better and profit place, find here how

What Is It about?

My current focus is dedicated to original and emerging restaurants that could benefit from my

expertise. I want to be a part of the development of new business plans. achieving sensible

goals, and making their overall actual operations stronger. This new part of my life is all about

the image of a restaurant. It is a complex myriad of using the best ingredients, the distribution of

space, menu design, promotion, marketing, and all the components that have to do with fulfilling

all avenues of making a restaurant successful. The environment should be one that is inviting,

admired, and coveted by patrons. My excitement is palpable!

Where did the idea come from?

I think every experience I have lived led me to this particular moment I want to grow,

professionally and personally, by helping people that enjoy food as much as I do. I think It's the

perfect thing to do at this point of my career. The kitchen Is my passion, the place I love the

most... And I'm not talking only about where the dishes are made, but also about the place.

I want people to LIVE experiences. That's what I really want... That patrons leave an

establishment I have consulted thinking, "these restaurants possess a shared concept and Idea

that distinguishes them from the rest".


How does It benefit you?

It gives me pleasure to help emerging restaurants optimize their sales, image, and marketing

presence. As I've mentioned before; food Is the love of my life and I can't get away from it... It's

my passion. It is a voraciously Intensive gift I have been given. Show me a restaurant that

desires growth and change and I'll give it all I have to make it shine. The end result win be an

astounding and impressive one to say the least

When did the idea of positioning yourself

as a consultant become so appealing?

I think it's always been there. The idea of food for me is to be seductive and satiating. I want

clients and consumers to feel delighted and ardent about the environment where they choose to

spend their time in the search for something unique. Being a consultant Is a way of transporting

my love for the total experience to be shared through the food.

As a consultant will you have time to dedicate yourself to food

and the gastronomic life as you wish?

Of course, I´ll be even closer to the gastronomic life than ever before. The whole idea Is to look

at food in an innovative and fun way while creating an entire experience around the life behind a

restaurant. As a consultant, I want to help others explore their passion towards their business

that goes beyond just the food aspect of their career. What better method than approaching the

kitchen In a million different ways everyday?

How Is your relationship with food now?

It's never been better. I still view food as my passion but now I've added extra Interest in the

whole experience of a restaurant. Gastronomy has to be seen as a practice that gets you closer

to your senses and makes you fly away. That hasn't changed, in fact, it has grown stronger.

What do you want to accomplish with this new business?

I want people to fall in love with gastronomy even more. I want to offer solutions to emerging

restaurants. I want my passion for the kitchen to expand and be shared amongst the masses.

I want people to experience something fantastic, substantial,

and unlike anything they have before or ever will again.

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